Health & Wellbeing

Individual Health and Wellbeing

Spartan First Wellbeing provides work-based intervention programs designed to improve the emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of all employees and may include services for immediate family members.

At Spartan First Wellbeing, we strive to provide your employees preventative and proactive interventions for both work and personal difficulties that may be adversely affecting their performance and wellbeing. The most common focus for support includes relationships, health, trauma, addictions, depression, anxiety disorders, financial difficulties, mediation and coping with change.

Services can be delivered in a variety of ways based on what is most suitable for your employee and conducive to quality services provision. This could include:

Face to Face Counselling

Counselling usually occurs in the counsellor’s professional office, or in a negotiated alternate site


Counselling can be offered over the phone for an emergency and as an alternation to face-to-face counselling if this is not desired or convenient

Online Counselling

Online counselling can be investigated as an alternative to face to face counselling for remote locations via Webex or Zoom

Group Health and Wellbeing

Spartan First Wellbeing is also well positioned to offer support beyond the individual employee to the broader organisation; providing support to assist effective management of unexpected or difficult situations; such as redundancies, workplace mediation, or developing professional learning

Management Support

Provision of support for managers to deal with challenging workplace situations (conflict management), improve leadership skills, communication skills, building team culture and organisational change

Workplace Mediation

Provision of an unbiased and non-judgmental service to facilitate individuals/groups through a problem-solving process to resolve conflicts and nurture healthy working relationships


Delivery of seminars and workshops tailored to organisational needs and culture

Job Readiness Program

The Job Readiness program provides job seekers, entry level employees and/or job active participants the opportunity to upskill in health and wellness and entry level job skills.

We aim to provide support to individual employees by providing strategies to strengthen positive engagement and connection with the workplace through:

  • Increasing understanding on how cultural connections, physical health, and social emotional wellbeing impact functioning
  • Improving capacity of skills to navigate the workplace to increase work efficiencies and outputs
  • Creating a work life balance that is sustainable over time.

Our mentors support job seekers in maintaining employment through onsite coaching and training. These activities are supported by professional staff who are objective, independent, and invested in the wellness of our community.

Our unique position in the industry allows us to provide a culturally appropriate and agile programme respecting the needs of individuals within the group.

Job Opportunities