Occupational Health

Spartan First offers a full complement of occupational health services to meet any requirement you have including pre-employment assessments, fitness for duty assessments, fitness for work assessments as well as injury management services and health initiatives.

Our vision is to be the exception in the industry and provide an emphasis on customer service, quality assessments and working in partnership with our clients supporting their needs.

Pre Employment Medicals

Spartan First’s comprehensive assessments allow employers to ensure their candidate has the required physical capacity to perform their job safely.

Our assessments are performed and assessed by our Medical Practitioners and Exercise Physiologists who specialise in Occupational Health and injury management.

Spartan First’s screening services include:

  • Medical Assessments
  • Functional Capacity & Musculoskeletal Assessments
  • Spirometry’s
  • Audiometry (Workcover and Standard)
  • ECG
  • Laboratory and Instant drug and alcohol screenings
  • GCMS Confirmation
  • Breathalyser testing
  • OGUK Medicals
  • HUET Medicals
  • Rail CAT 1,2,3 medicals- completed by an accredited medical professional
  • Commercial Drivers Medicals
  • Dangerous Goods medicals
  • Hearing Protection Testing
  • On-site drug screening

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We have the facilities and expertise to provide laboratory drug and alcohol screening and instant drug and alcohol screening inclusive of breathalyser test. If you require this service for assistance with HSE investigations for potential recordable injuries and incidents, our Doctors are able to provide expert opinion upon review of investigations and evidence to assist you.

For any ‘show cause’ investigations, you can simply attend our clinic with the IP and have the Drug and Alcohol test completed promptly. Communication is the key to understanding the needs and requirements of the HSE Division and our experience in this sector allows us the unique opportunity of supporting the process.

Injury Management

Spartan First provides expert end-to-end services tailored to the industry requirements for civil, construction, mining, cities all the way to government.

Spartan First’s expert panel of surgeons in conjunction with occupational health specialists ensure that the best possible advice and service is provided to ensure the client’s needs are always met as they are paramount.


Spartan First provides Telehealth Services supporting remote and regional sites as well as metropolitan sites throughout Australia. Our Doctors are available to provide guidance and advice in the event of an acute injury to determine the right path for assessment and any treatment requirements.

Fitness for Work Assessments

Our team delivers fitness for work assessments regarding work related and non-work related issues that may encompass factors including:

  • medical fitness (i.e. physical health and functional capacity)
  • mental health and wellbeing
  • alcohol and other drug use.

Organisations should assess if individuals are able to safely complete their specific work-related activities. This means taking into consideration the person’s functional capacity, potential impact of any medical conditions they may have, and external factors such as the nature of the work.

Health Surveillance

The Department of Mines. Industry Regulation and Safety legislate for health surveillance in the workplace which refers to the health monitoring of employees where there is a risk to health from exposure to certain hazardous substances (e.g. lead, asbestos, silica, isocyanate). Health surveillance must be supervised by an Appointed Medical Practitioner (AMP). Health surveillance may include completion of a questionnaire, medical examination, blood or urine tests, lung function tests, chest x-rays, or other health tests relevant to the substance.

Speak to our team to determine your needs.