Site Services

Health and Wellness Programs

Spartan First can develop Corporate Wellness Programs tailor-made for your company’s needs. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Flu Vaccinations 
  • Onsite skin checks
  • Ergonomic assessments and interventions 
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Workstation reviews
  • Health education and training
  • Risk assessment and job profiling

Our highly skilled team provides services at your worksite or in the community. We will attend worksites, mine sites or communicate locations to offer assessments, training, therapy or rehabilitation.

Onsite Physiotherapy

Spartan First and Injury Prevention Plus provide early intervention physiotherapy services tailored for preventing or minimising musculoskeletal injuries. We offer practical assessments and treatments to help restore function following an injury. We also provide preventative and early intervention programs designed to reduce the risk of more significant injuries occurring.

Exercise Physiology

Spartan First and Injury Prevention Plus offer comprehensive mobile rehabilitation services to restoring a person’s functional capacity after sustaining an injury. This has particular benefits for workplace injuries, as exercise rehabilitation has been shown to improve the efficiency of an injured worker’s return to pre-injury duties. Additional use of exercise rehabilitation is the reduction of potential barriers to return to work, such as physical deconditioning and depression.

Our site services also include undertaking;

  • Task Analysis or developing job dictionaries.
  • Ergonomic Analysis
  • We undertake a range of Ergonomic Reviews, which is not limited to workstation assessments.
  • Workplace Coaching
  • Injury Management and Case Management Services
  • Facilitation of risk management processes
  • Injury investigations and deep dives
  • Custom projects such as intake assessments and job-specific conditioning programmes.
Job Opportunities